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The Borough of Conshohocken received the GVF 2024 Innovation Leadership Award at GVF’s 34th Annual Meeting and Leadership Awards, held Monday, May 13. Conshohocken Borough Council President Tina Sokolowski and Vice President Kathleen Kingsley accepted the award on behalf of the Borough.

GVF’s Innovation Committee focuses on strategic partnerships to improve mobility and ensure transportation equity and environmentally safe modes. 

The Borough of Conshohocken is receiving this year's GVF Innovation Leadership Award for its implementation of the Conshohocken Cab. During its implementation, the Borough invested significantly in providing an alternative for residents instead of driving alone and demonstrated visionary thinking in delivering real-time data for the end user through an app and operating the system in a microtransit style.

Launched in February 2024, the Conshohocken Cab stops at 20 locations in a continuous loop in and around Conshohocken Borough. It is a 14-passenger shuttle that provides easy access to entertainment, dining, large residential complexes, shopping, and the SEPTA train station. The Conshohocken Cab is ADA-compliant and equipped with a bike rack and Wi-Fi. The goal of the Conshohocken Cab is to improve the quality of life of Borough residents by reducing single-occupancy vehicles in the Borough of Conshohocken.

For more information about the Conshohocken Cab, visit www.conshohockencab.org.

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