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Commerical Trash & Recycling

Rules & Regulations

  • Businesses and other commercial institutions must arrange for their own collection of trash and recyclable materials by a reputable and licensed hauler.
  • Businesses and other commercial institutions must participate in a recycling program by separating their recyclable material from their regular trash. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Conshohocken Borough mandate the separation and collection of this material, as well as an annual report.
  • All businesses and other commercial institutions must recycle, but are not limited to: clear glass, colored glass, aluminum, steel, bimetal cans, plastics (1-6), high grade office paper, newsprint, corrugated paper and all yard waste. The following materials should be recycled:¬†
    • Cardboard boxes (must be broken down & tied)
    • Newspaper, inserts & junk mail
    • Magazines, catalogs and envelopes
    • Phone books and paperback books
    • Office and school papers (colored paper too)
    • Paper egg cartons
    • Paper bags
    • Aluminum cans and clean foil
    • Tin and steel aerosol cans (empty)
    • Glass jars and bottles (empty)
    • All plastic 1-7 including styrofoam


For additional information about waste programs for businesses, please visit the below link to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).