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Comprehensive 10-Year Plan

Conshohocken’s 10-Year Comprehensive Plan is a document that provides an officially adopted framework for managing continued growth, while preserving existing assets. It determines how we update the zoning code, apply for funding, and prioritize investments over the next decade.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is intended to proactively and comprehensively address future growth and development. It outlines challenges facing the community, identify solutions, and provides guidance to appointed and elected officials on planning-related decisions. Proactive planning is important for local governments. A comprehensive plan provides a vision for the future of the community along with the steps that are needed to make that vision a reality. 

The comprehensive plan is a recommendatory document, providing guidance and is often written abstractly so that appointed and elected officials can utilize a variety of means to implement it. While only recommendatory in nature, the value of a comprehensive plan is indicated by the community’s desire to see to its implementation.

It is important to remember that a comprehensive plan and a zoning ordinance are two separate tools that are used in conjunction with one another. A comprehensive plan acts in a guiding role and provides recommendations on how land should be utilized to meet the needs and desires of the community, whereas a zoning ordinance regulates land uses as recommended by the plan.


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