Trash Collection

Trash and Recycling Collection Trial Period to begin August 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022.


1. Are there extra trash carts available and are they free of charge?
• Yes, you can request an additional trash can by contacting Bobbi Jo Myrsiades at One additional trash cart is free of charge

2. What are the criteria for determining if the trial is successful and becomes permanent?
• Borough Council will gather direct input from Public Services employees, Borough administration and residents during the trial period to evaluate whether the once-a-week trash collection schedule should become the Borough’s permanent trash collection schedule once the trial period ends. This input/feedback will be evaluated against data regarding trash tonnage, fuel usage, fuel costs, county comparisons, municipal comparisons, etc.

3. Will there be any impact on taxes?
• There will be no impact on taxes.

4. How does this impact our Public Services team members?
• All current team members in the Department of Public Services will maintain their employment with the Borough of Conshohocken.

5. I pay trash bills for my rental units, will that fee be decreasing?
• There will be no fee reduction for trash.

6. Is there a dumpster or central drop off for extra bags of garbage?
• There is no central drop off location for extra bags of garbage. As is the case today, should an individual household need assistance with excess trash, they can call the Borough Administrative Offices at 610-828-1092 and a member of our Public Services team will assist if applicable.

7. How does this benefit the Borough and what will Public Services be doing with the extra time?
• Reducing trash collection to once-per-week potentially carries financial, administrative, logistical, and environmental benefits. The Public Services team is supportive of the change in the collection service schedule. Reducing trash collection to once-per-week will allow our skilled Public Services employees to dedicate more time and utilization of their skills to areas such as park maintenance, facility maintenance, street and infrastructure maintenance, landscaping, and capital projects.

• There is a limit of 4 carts/bags per household per pick-up (200 pounds maximum)
• Each household is permitted to dispose of one (1) large piece of furniture or bulk item per month with regular trash. This includes sofas, box springs, plastic siding, TV’s and all electronics. All other bulk trash or bulk metal collection must be arranged through the Borough of Conshohocken by calling 610-828-1092.
• Each cart/bag is not to be heavier than 50 pounds.
• Needles, syringes, lances, and other sharp objects must be placed in a metal container with a secure lid, so they are not a hazard.
• Please place your trash cart at the curbside of your property no earlier than 5:00 PM the night before and remove your cart from your curbside no later than 7:00 PM the day of collection.
• No construction debris, carpet, clean-outs or move-outs unless approved by the License and Inspections Department. Please call 610-828-1092.

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