Borough Seal Gradient

I am honored to serve as your Chief of Police.  I am privileged to serve a community in which an impulsive act of violence is shocking and not the norm.  I am blessed to serve with and lead skilled, dedicated officers who amaze me every day. I am humbled to not be alone in my service as I am supported and held accountable by our elected officials and equally important, you, the citizens of this great town.  I am happy to tell you:  you are safe, safer than ever before in my career. Low crime rates and safety are just a few results of strategic decisions made on a regular basis that define our robust and thriving community.

We need to act as one.  Please continue to report issues big or small to the police department. Often, fixing small issues means that we have much less chance of ever seeing bigger issues.  Moving forward, the police department will work in conjunction with our law enforcement partners, proprietors and residents to implement a long-term plan that will hold business owners responsible for their licensed establishments. I will personally oversee this plan to ensure its success. Let us continue to work together and forever be shocked by random acts of violence.

George Metz
Chief of Police


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