2014 Santa Claus Visit Notice

SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN As announced at the Borough Council’s Regular Meeting on November 19th, the annual visit from Santa Claus is scheduled to take place on Friday,...


Fall Leaf Collection 2014

Fall Leaf-Vac collection will begin on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.  Please see the link below for the schedule: Fall Leaf Collection Schedule    

Planning and Development
1 Conshohocken Open Space Plan
Conshohocken Open Space Plan
2862 15.115392 21.08.2013
2 Conshohocken Train Station Vision Plan
Conshohocken Train Station Vision Plan
4185 2.705165 18.06.2009
3 Conshohocken Borough Comprehensive Plan
Borough of Conshohocken Comprehensive Plan
2171 22.991795 22.08.2013
4 One-Way Avenue Study - Engineers Report
One-way avenue study conducted by the Borough Engineers
2323 0.38498 01.06.2010
5 Conshohocken Revitalization Plan Update - The Community Revisited
The Montgomery County Community Revitalization Program establishes the framework to strengthen and stabilize the county’s older communities through a targeted economic development approach. The guiding principles of the program respect that these older communities, such
as Conshohocken, serve as cultural, civic, and religious centers, and that new and redevelopment in these areas can make the most efficient use of existing infrastructure and help preserve open space elsewhere in the region. This plan update, The Community Revisited, will guide Conshohocken in its continued, publicly supported, revitalization efforts over the next decade.
5167 4.403859 26.05.2011
6 Sutcliffe Park Pavilion
Proposed Concession Stand for Sutcliffe Park
1470 1.020611 18.11.2011
7 Conshohocken Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
2793 1.111902 16.03.2012
8 Zoning Map
1896 0.322262 09.09.2013

Storm Water Story

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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